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Welcome at Macrovision technology Trusted NANotechnology partner for tomorrows

“As a pioneer in the Research and Development Business in India, we are setting our own perpetual goal of establishing ourselves as the most effective and affordable ‘Innovative Technology’ provider for low and medium scale chemical industries and every technology created by us shall add value to the people and society by large.”

Macrovision Technology is an independent Research and Development (R&D;) Organization working to advance the scientific discoveries and technology innovations in the field of polymers and material science and applications thereof.

We develop and design customized well-engineered materials based on chemical nanotechnology with multifunctional properties aiming to enhance the performance properties of coatings, adhesives, sealants, building chemicals, inks, flexible packaging etc. and help our customers to create their own niche product portfolio. The services provided by Macrovision Technology range from innovative solutions addressing the customer’s critical needs, breakthrough technology and/or products creating new business opportunities, on consultancy to target-oriented adjustment from developments to production.

Scientists at Macrovision Technology are working in leading edge facilities, collaborating with experts at the universities, research institutes, national laboratories and utilize latest instruments and best practices of research to solve the most pressing problems of the chemical industries. The company has established important collaboration with national and international universities, research institutes and high skilled subjects operating in the field of advanced materials for chemical industries. Many projects are developed with research institutes as well as companies leader in the world of chemicals.

The core competence of Macrovision Technology is invention and innovation of new technology and/or products. We therefore are not focusing on marketing products ourselves and we are largely technology solution provider. We support our partners extensively through transfer of technical know-how based on our latest scientific findings, helping the commercial scale up and suggesting the best marketing methods. This enables additional added value and clear competitive advantage to our customers.

Latest Technologies

The leaves of lotus plant not only repel water but also clean themselves.
A 3rd generation 2K resin system developed from silicone macro-monomers
Fillers are the integral part of any paint formulation
Two component aliphatic iso-cyanate cure extremely low DFT low surface energy...
Hard and Abrasion Resistant Coatings on Plastics sheets and lenses..
Waterborne long oil /medium oil alkyd polymer designed to achieve very low VOC