Functionalized fillers

Hydrophobized fillers formed water marbels

Fillers are the integral part of any paint formulation. Besides the hiding, fillers also play a major role in the mechanical properties as well as the surface phenomenon of the paint film. All the above properties largely depend on the size and the surface chemistry of the fillers. We have products with numerous surface modified fillers with various functionally to add the values in paint formulations especially.
  • Excellent dispensability in high solid formulation of epoxy an polyurethane paints.
  • Very low oil absorption value – high filler loading.
  • Low water vapor transmission.
  • Lowering of surface energy to obtain the super-hydrophobicity.
  • Enhancement of anti-corrosive properties ( low corrosion rate in Tafel analysis).
  • Enhancement of mechanical properties.
  • Enhancement of scratch and anti-abrasion properties.