Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Polymer

Acrylic Polysiloxane
A 3rd generation 2K resin system developed from silicone macro-monomers and specially designed hardeners from well balanced blend of functional silicones.

When mixed in right proportion it cures at room temperature by Sol-gel mechanism forming nano silica net work in the acrylic domain providing inorganic-organic hybrid structure. The cured films behave like inorganic ceramic with excellent scratch as well as abrasion resistance, but at the same time the film shows excellent long time flexibility.

When correctly formulated as paint the film shows 80% gloss retention in 2000 hours QUV (B) exposure and passed the cylindrical (0.5 inch) mandrel bend test. EIS study reveals that the anticorrosive properties of paint formulated from this resin will provide 10 times better performance than any best conventional anticorrosive coatings.

The potential applications also could be coatings for wind-mill blades, offshore structures and antifouling coatings.

Epoxy Polysiloxane
A 2nd generation Epoxy Polysiloxane resin designed from high temperature condensation of polysilsesquioxane and modified epoxy resin. This resin can be formulated to give high heat and corrosion resistant paint for muffler, chimneys, ovens, ffshore and marine structures. The paint can be 2 pack system cured with amine or amino silicone curing agents at room temperature or alternatively can be 1K heat cured system. These formulations have also very good surface tolerant properties and provide excellent bonding in St2/St3 surfaces. On curing, these systems form 3 dimensional inorganic network in organic domain offering excellent flexibility & toughness with long term anticorrosive performance.