Director’s Table

We are in a crucial time zone. Liberalization of economy has ensured that each and every competition has to be fought at a global scale. We cannot afford to be complacent about being just good in our local market. We must be one of the best in the world in the chosen area. To be one of the best in our field requires us to think differently. To begin with, we must believe that we can be so. And then, we must act to be so. There are also significant advances in the science and technology globally and increasing innovative demands being made by the customers can really make your head spin. The list of products choices for end users is seemingly endless, but it is nothing compared to the list of requirements that suppliers and manufacturers must take into account when formulating products. All simple problems are solved, now, either one has to deal with more complex problems than ever or to find out the alternate use of the known answers. However, “there’s plenty of room at the bottom” - Nano technology is one of the key themes for this century. That day is not far off when every second product being developed will be influenced by nano-technology. Here from Macrovision Technology we are committed to help our customers to make those happen.