Mimic of Lotus Leaf effect easy-clean paint

The leaves of lotus plant not only repel water but also clean themselves. No dirt or mud can stick on it. The Paint that provides super hydrophobic surface and dirt particles can hardly get a hold on them and are, therefore, removed by rain or by a simple rinse in water is known as self cleaning- lotus effect paint. The paint when applied in the exterior wall of the building it not only provides a new look always but also keep the building water proof by repealing water by its super hydrophobic nature. Due to high value of contact angle water forms spherical droplets on it. The paint film designed to achieve nano roughness of Cassie-Baxter regime on the surface and lower contact angle hysteresis, hence water droplets roll off easily from the surface providing self cleaning effect.
  • Can be applied with brush/roller or any conversional tools
  • Less dust catching
  • Self-Cleaning with rain water
  • Excellent water repellency
  • Breathable & Crack bridging
  • Effect is not through additives – permanent
  • No aromatic group - Excellent weather stability
  • Excellent recoatability
  • Free of fluro-additives
  • Can be tinted with universal inters without affecting the lotus effect